VOA Partners With Sodexo for Career Development Webinar

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Volunteers of America
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Responsible for business and strategic planning with RPG Consulting, Robert P. Givens previously served as a brigadier general in the US Air Force. Outside of his career duties, Robert P. Given is a longtime supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, an aid organization for US veterans.

Volunteers of America (VOA) recently announced a joint initiative with Sodexo, an organization that improves the quality of life for millions of consumers worldwide, to roll out a platform of guides and resources aimed at veterans who are entering the private sector workforce and those who wish to increase their upward mobility within the armed services. The flagship effort of this partnership is a webinar series developed by Sodexo.

Young veterans who have served since 9/11 face an unemployment rate higher than the national average among all Americans. The partnership between VOA and Sodexo is an attempt to reverse that trend.

The webinar series will tackle topics such as career planning, networking, resume building, and interviewing. The series can be accessed via the Volunteers of America website at www.voa.org.


USA Cares – Treating Invisible Wounds

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USA Cares
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Robert P. Givens is an expert in national security decision making, with masters degrees in national security strategy, airpower art and science, military operational art/science, and public administration. Currently serving as president of RPG Consulting LLC, Robert P. Givens spends his time outside of work assisting and supporting USA Cares.

USA Cares is an organization that provides financial assistance and other forms of support for post-9/11 military veterans (or currently serving soldiers) and their families. The group began in a city in Kentucky as a response to the needs of soldiers after 9/11 and quickly expanded – USA Cares now helps veterans across the country. With this new reach, USA Cares is able to offer a variety of services and programs for military families in need.

USA Cares has a multitude of financial assistance programs, some with the aim of assisting soldiers and veterans with their mental health. One of these programs is the Combat Injured program. Combat Injured was launched in response to the steadily-growing number of soldiers suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) who were unable to seek help because of their financial burdens, as the VA does pay for treatment, but does not provide any financial benefits. Combat Injured helps soldiers and veterans pay their mortgages and utilities, and buy food and other basic necessities for their families. This support allows the service members to fully focus on seeking the treatment they need for the best recovery outcome possible.

A U.S. Gulf War Strategy of Air Attacks and Minimal Ground Involvement

Air Force Magazine Image: secure.afa.org
Air Force Magazine
Image: secure.afa.org


Robert P. Givens is a former United States Air Force brigadier general who was active in military service for more than three decades. Reflecting on his tactical accomplishments during the first Gulf War, Robert P. Givens was featured in the article “The Epic Little Battle of Khafji,” which was published in Air Force Magazine in 1998. The piece explores the transformational role of deep air attacks in early 1991 in thwarting Sadaam’s one organized offensive of the war.

The attacks countered Sadaam’s strategy of using the Khafji offensive as a way of bringing the battle to the ground. This became necessary after an ineffectual strategy of scud attacks against Saudi Arabian and Israeli cities and setting a pair of Kuwaiti oil fields on fire. Despite these attempts to expand the scope of the war, precision air strikes were successful in limiting coalition involvement. A mechanized offensive to immediately engage coalition forces in Saudi Arabia was the only option left to Sadaam.

Coalition efforts against these actions involved conducting air attacks against Iraqi maneuver forces while they were on the move. Halting mechanized forces meant identifying and responding to maneuvers as soon as they occurred, with sorties destroying a relatively small assortment of lead brigade vehicles, as a way of disrupting the force’s freedom of movement. This was not difficult, as the Iraqi mobile forces were arrayed in columns on major roads and presented a clear, exposed target.

General Norman Schwarzkopf’s strategy of avoiding ground confrontations paid off, as air attacks took out tanks and other armored vehicles, and secondary sweeps further decimated stranded forces.

What is a Microbrewery?

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Robert P. Givens of Prospect, Kentucky is the president of RPG Consulting LLC. One of Robert P. Givens’s strongest interests outside of work is the craft beer brewing industry, which includes the increasingly popular microbreweries.

Microbreweries are beer breweries that are significantly smaller in scale than traditional breweries like MillerCoors, which produce millions of barrels each year. Microbreweries, on the other hand, are only allowed to produce up to 15,000 barrels of beer each year. These smaller breweries produce specialty beers, usually with a particular theme or unique ingredient, and create an opportunity for brewers to experiment with different ingredients and fermentation processes. Microbrewing has become very popular in recent years – for example, Britain’s Society of Independent Brewers, established in 1980 with 20 members, now has 786 members.

Most people who establish a microbrewery start out by brewing small batches at home, perhaps with a home brewing kit. An aspiring microbrewer should have plenty of free time set aside because each brewing session is a learning experience. They should also take into account all of the equipment needed for brewing; used equipment is often available at more affordable prices and works just as well as new. Many microbrewers also have to find an appropriate location for their brewery – former dairies or old schools are popular choices. Once a microbrewer has created a worthy product, they can shop it around to different local bars to receive some distribution, or they can attend beer festivals to showcase their craft brews.

The Economics of Rock Climbing at Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge pic
Red River Gorge
Image: redrivergorge.com

An Iraqi war veteran and retired Air Force brigadier general, Robert P. Givens serves as president of RPG Consulting, a firm he also founded. Outside of work, Robert P. Givens pursues a number of outdoor activities, including rock climbing.

An internationally popular rock-climbing destination is the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The area has numerous routes, great natural beauty, and remarkable sandstone crags.

A recent study revealed that around 7,500 domestic and international climbers visit the area each year. An estimated $3.6 million is spent by these climbers annually in the six counties through which the gorge runs. Some of these counties have among the lowest median incomes in the country; opening up more areas for climbers could result in improved economic activities in these counties.

Yet there numerous factors to consider before more areas can be opened. Among them are historical and cultural aspects, as some areas contain native artifacts that the presence of climbers might affect. The environmental impact must also be evaluated. There are rare animals and plants at the site, and some plants are the only ones of their kind in the world.

It is hoped that the study can help various stakeholders to unite and find common ground to the benefit of all concerned.

Gulf War – US Airpower Proves Decisive Against Ground Operations

The Epic Little Battle of Khafji pic
The Epic Little Battle of Khafji
Image: airforcemag.com

With an extensive combat background in the US Air Force, Robert P. Givens has served as command pilot and carried out senior executive responsibilities in the national security process. Robert P. Givens was one of a number of military members featured in an Air Force Magazine article “The Epic Little Battle of Khafji,” which recounts the effects of US airpower on Iraq’s only organized offensive during the Gulf War.

Lasting only two days, the Battle of Khafji answered key questions about a long-running debate on the ability of airpower to contain enemy maneuvering capacities. Undertaken a month before the significant ground battles, the response to Iraqi movements occurred at night and on extremely short notice, with no ground attack synchronized.

General Norm Schwarzkopf deliberately avoided ground confrontation, with the Air Operations Center guiding sorties against Iraqi forces that had been identified by the Air Force E-8 Joint STARS, as well as the A-10 Mr. Givens piloted. Air attacks were effective in destroying Saddam Hussein’s vehicles, with the desert environment making them relatively easy to target. Secondary sweeps were then directed against stranded forces and the offensive was stopped in its tracks.

The Unbridled Eve Gala – A Night of Glamour, Hospitality, and Giving

The Unbridled Eve Gala pic
The Unbridled Eve Gala
Image: unbridledeve.com

As the president of RPG Consulting LLC, Robert P. Givens helps private companies develop strategic and operational plans to become more efficient and to improve their local communities. Robert P. Givens has also used his skill set to volunteer on the board of directors for Unbridled Eve since January 2012.

Unbridled Eve is a non-profit charity event held on the eve of the Kentucky Derby to benefit charitable organizations. The gala provides entertainment for horse racing industry professionals, local and national business leaders, and celebrities from television, film, sports, and music. The next Unbridled Eve event will be held in May 2016 in the Grand Ballroom of The Galt House Hotel and will feature an auction, a gourmet dinner, and live entertainment from celebrity musical guests.

Two of the biggest sponsors of the event will be Southern Wine and Spirits, which will be providing an assortment of fine alcoholic beverages, and Humana Vitality, a health-conscious company that will be organizing an interactive dance. While the event’s primary beneficiary will be Blessings in a Backpack, an organization dedicated to fighting child hunger, some of the proceeds will go to other non-profit organizations as well.