About Robert P. Givens

LinkedIn_Profile_Picture_1407871115Based in Prospect, Kentucky, Robert P. Givens spent nearly three decades in the United States Air Force before taking his executive leadership experience and establishing a consulting firm called RPG Consulting. With this company, he helps private companies become more efficient by combining military principles, including strategic planning and operational execution, with standard business practices. Robert P. Givens has years of experience using historical analysis and instructional ability to better manage people and projects. His past military positions include special assistant to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as well as director of the Combined Air and Space Operations Center in Southwest Asia, where he maintained responsibility for ongoing combat air operations.

Robert P. Givens began his Air Force career when he attended the United States Air Force Academy and graduated with a bachelor of science in history. He later received numerous master’s degrees from the School of Advanced Airpower Studies, the Air Command & Staff College, the National War College, and Troy State University. A combat veteran, Givens participated in more than 100 combat sorties in Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.


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