What is a Microbrewery?

Microbrewery pic
Image: wisegeek.com

Robert P. Givens of Prospect, Kentucky is the president of RPG Consulting LLC. One of Robert P. Givens’s strongest interests outside of work is the craft beer brewing industry, which includes the increasingly popular microbreweries.

Microbreweries are beer breweries that are significantly smaller in scale than traditional breweries like MillerCoors, which produce millions of barrels each year. Microbreweries, on the other hand, are only allowed to produce up to 15,000 barrels of beer each year. These smaller breweries produce specialty beers, usually with a particular theme or unique ingredient, and create an opportunity for brewers to experiment with different ingredients and fermentation processes. Microbrewing has become very popular in recent years – for example, Britain’s Society of Independent Brewers, established in 1980 with 20 members, now has 786 members.

Most people who establish a microbrewery start out by brewing small batches at home, perhaps with a home brewing kit. An aspiring microbrewer should have plenty of free time set aside because each brewing session is a learning experience. They should also take into account all of the equipment needed for brewing; used equipment is often available at more affordable prices and works just as well as new. Many microbrewers also have to find an appropriate location for their brewery – former dairies or old schools are popular choices. Once a microbrewer has created a worthy product, they can shop it around to different local bars to receive some distribution, or they can attend beer festivals to showcase their craft brews.


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